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mixed citrus spritzer + an overhaul coming soon


my posts are boring. it's a snoozefest, actually. i was reading some of my posts and for chrissakes, they lack personality, they don't really show who i really am, and how i talk most of the time. i was reading it and most of them seemed so, sterile... well, sterile could still be considered an understatement. i am honestly more fun(ner) than this -- it's redundant, i know, but i had to emphasize). oh, by the way, i have been remodeling the site little by little (if you haven't noticed). i am planning for a total makeover, the look, the feel and the tone of this blog - an overhaul, but without the tears and ratty, crazy glued weaves flying all over, just like in top model.

beef siomai (steamed beef dumplings)

when i was in college, back in the third world, my friends and i would go to this supermarket down the street for lunch and get some of these wonton wrapped meaty goodness topped with chili oil and dipped in soy sauce with calamansi. my goodness, just thinking about it is making my mouth water.